I have been living in my current home for the past 8 years now. I am ready to sell it and move into a new one.yaaay!! I have been searching for home improvement and remodeling projects to increase the property value and I have ended up with many expensive quotes. I guess, this is quite common as home remodeling requires handsome amount of money but what is it worth then? I think the Ideal home renovation projects are those which bring more bang for your buck. I think I should invest less and earn more. Here is what I am thinking

Even with average rooms, I can demand for more money if my kitchen is technologically upgraded. There are two ways to upgrade kitchen according to most modern trends. I can either make it fancier or you can make it energy-efficient. A fancy kitchen may also be upgraded for energy-efficiency but again, it would be very expensive. My current kitchen also does not have enough power outlets. I plan to increase that because most people today have so many small appliances like personal blenders, coffee machines, electric kettles etc. Here are some points that I am considering while remodeling my kitchen.

  • Upgrading a deluxe kitchen requires $45000 to $60,000 investment for a medium-sized kitchen.
  • Fresh paint in modern or funky colors or deluxe paint goes a long way.
  • Even if you are not upgrading your kitchen for energy-efficiency, yet installing LED bulbs is a good way to add value.

When purchasing or renting a new property, people count the characteristics of property as number of rooms, bathrooms and kitchen. There is always some space for building new bathrooms in medium-sized homes. If you have small house then prefer fancying the existing bathrooms. But if you have a medium-sized house then adding a bathroom would increase the property worth. 18-square-feet half baths can be built under staircase, in library or beside closet.

Energy-efficient windows are technically devised to manage the flow of internal and external temperatures. These windows reduce the bills up to 500% by blocking heat escape in winter and cool air escape in summer. Energy-efficient window is a feature that benefits to you and the renter or new owner.

Also known as staycation, people prefer houses with open-air space that not only makes their home look fancier but also provide them space for weekend evenings and small celebrations. I will add a deck which can be decorated with whistles, bells, small fountains and other fancy items. Make sure that the deck provides space for at least 4 chairs and a small table.

During the process, don’t forget to repair the broken sealing and fix the leaked pipes. Basic upgrading also includes repainting the home, flooring or carpeting, maneuvering the garden and entrance, and providing a little extra space for library or home office.

After renovating my home with all these projects, I will be able to add significant amount of money to rent rate or sale price as I will have specialties to boast about.